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Studying at EO, Polina shares how her life transformed with remote learning. She expresses she can juggle three schools of her love for arts. The early exposure to the American school has made her confident with multiplied command over English and other diverse subjects.

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Polina Plans Prepping For Higher Studies From America: Mastering Arts
Polina Plans Prepping For Higher Studies From America: Mastering Arts

Meet Polina, 14 years old

“Joining EO was the most crucial decision I made. I live a more focused and holistic life with multiple streams of learning. All thanks to remote learning. This education platform is helping me evolve all leaps and bounds with education abroad. “

I am exploring my passion for the arts right from high school. Educate Online offers me a unique remote learning opportunity helping me enhance my skills from an American school along with my regular school. I am confident that pursuing high school in the USA will multiply my chances for higher education abroad.

Pursuing Arts Through Educate Online

I am in standard 8th and am currently pursuing my studies in Russia. With a deep sense of clarity, I am consciously choosing my subjects towards my dream career in arts. I chose Educate Online for its remote learning opportunities directly under the native faculties. 

The moment I discovered that there is a program that offers abroad studies in one’s homeland, I couldn’t stop but enthusiastically enrolled in an art program. 

Online Learning From America: Why Not Start Now?

“I aspire to fly either to America or Europe to carve my future.”

The goal is crystal clear: I aim to move from my homeland (Russia) to find global opportunities. Therefore, my priority shortlist includes the top choices in America and Europe. This early exposure to US schools has exposed me to an interesting methodology of learning. I never thought something like remote learning existed and could be this effective. Moreover, there is a huge difference between an American education and my local education- something I could have never perceived had I not enrolled in it. 

Personalized Training Is Quite Easy To Manage The Regular Studies

I can decide my schedule: “Juggling three schools (Russian school, EO, and Arts school), the remote learning format made it easy to manage.” 

The flexible learning mode makes it possible to pursue the US-based curriculum at my own pace. In fact, the assessments are not done conventionally but through projects and more, making learning fun like a game and not a burdensome affair to score more than others.

Experiencing The First Class: Breaking The Ice!

Initially, I felt slightly nervous about the first session with a new learning mode. But little did I know, after meeting the teachers, I experienced a sense of belonging. The friendly environment made it easy to adjust in no time. I am so grateful that this could happen right from the comfort of my home. 

Delving deeper into the organizational aspects of video class (It is an immersive setup where students are supposed to stand as well sometimes) through virtual meetings, she highlighted how it is not a barrier at all. Additionally, the time passes fast.

US-Based High School: A Different Experience

A deep dive into the past: I enjoyed new lessons on 18th-century US history and English grammar. I am already enjoying these mandatory subjects and am looking forward to the electives of my choice. 

I am ardently working towards studying abroad. Right from high school, I noticed a drastic difference between regular studies and this “new-found” remote learning. Here’s how:

More open environment to learn at one’s own pace and make mistakes without fearing stringent outcomes. Your grade doesn’t depend on marks. Ease of learning a second language, English, and that too, including big texts and journals.Early exposure to new culture and design thinking. 

I can now articulate better in English, which was a great challenge earlier. I also read long forms of texts and converse more efficiently in my native English language. Conclusion – online is not a limitation, but an opportunity.

“I have enrolled in an exclusive art school as well. ”

The post-pandemic world no longer looks the same. The online paradigm shift has impacted the education sector as well. Schools are embracing the methodology of remote learning through new learning management systems. 

5 years back, the concept of online schooling was hardly seen. But, today with such a holistic schooling partner, students can easily expand their capabilities by learning abroad which is cost-effective and boosts their chances of global admissions in the future. Introduced by my mom during COVID time, Polina has taken a life-transforming step by aligning my education with my passion and abilities. Joining the remote study with EO was a no-brainer as I was already acquainted with the applicability of online classes during the pandemic period. Her story is testimony of being proactive to change with the changing times. 

Discover your pathways today! 

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