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Marina’s High School Journey to Canada: From Braemer to York University
Marina’s High School Journey to Canada: From Braemer to York University

Marina T., 17 years old

Studied at Braemar College, Canada

 Graduating from Braemar and scoring a scholarship at York University was like a dream come true.

“It’s been quite a ride to Canada, and there’s so much to tell. With Educate Online’s help, I chased my dreams and landed at Braemar College, where their unique 4-terms system made learning a blast. Living with a Canadian host family was an awesome English boost, and making friends from all over was a real eye-opener. “

Hey there, I’m Marina Ten, and I’m excited to share my journey with you. It’s a story of ambition, challenges, and the incredible world of international education that made my dreams a reality.

The Dream Begins

My story begins with a simple dream – to pursue an international education. With the support of my parents, I set out on a mission to find the perfect school, one that would help me grow and thrive.

Discovering Educate Online

That’s when I stumbled upon Educate Online (EO). With over a decade of experience, EO became my guiding map in this educational adventure. They specialize in connecting students like me with online learning opportunities all around the world.

Finding the Right Path

EO suggested several schools and programs, but one stood out for me – Braemar College in Toronto, Canada. Why Braemar? Well, they offer a wide range of possibilities and have this innovative 4-terms system that allows students to finish a 3-year program in just 2 years!

A School Beyond Limits

Braemar College in Toronto, Canada
Braemar College in Toronto, Canada

At Braemar, I discovered a dynamic way of learning. The classes were engaging, and what’s more, they had so many clubs – dance, sports, arts, social media, business, you name it! It was a place where I could explore new interests and gain essential life skills.

Life-Changing Decision of Growth and Empowerment

My journey took a turn when I decided to move to Canada and continue my studies in person. Living with a Canadian host family was an incredible experience that improved my English skills dramatically through daily practice.

Friendships and Cultures from Around the World

Studying at an international school introduced me to people from all over the world. I made friends with diverse backgrounds, and together, we learned not just from textbooks but from each other’s stories and experiences.

The Dream Realized

York University
York University

And then came the moment I had been working towards – I graduated from Braemar College and secured a spot at York University with a 50% scholarship. My dream had finally come true, and my future was looking brighter than ever.

So, that’s my story of dreams pursued, challenges conquered, and the incredible journey of international education. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that with determination, support, and the right opportunities, dreams can become a beautiful reality.

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