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From Kenya to US: Roshan’s Dual Diploma Journey with Crimson Global Academy, USA
From Kenya to US: Roshan’s Dual Diploma Journey with Crimson Global Academy, USA

Roshan, 16 years old

Roshan is working towards a dual diploma where he will receive both local & US high school diploma.

My ambition was to try AP courses that could help me explore my passions, hobbies and professional interests. After I enrolled with EO, I  started interacting with teachers who actually liked teaching. There was no pressure & I enjoyed learning more. With this I want to enter the world’s top universities in the US.”

Ever since I embarked on my educational journey with Educate Online and Crimson Global Academy, my life has taken an exciting turn. Hi, I’m Roshan, a 16-year-old student from Kenya, and I want to share my story of dreams, determination, and the power of online education.

Discovering my passions

Back in Kenya, I was pursuing my studies at a local school, where I was introduced to AP World History. While it was interesting, I felt a strong desire to explore more, to dive deeper into subjects that truly ignited my curiosity. That’s when I decided to join Educate Online and study AP Computer Science-A with Crimson Global Academy in the US.

A Dual Diploma journey

My ambition was clear: I wanted to discover my passions, understand what I truly wanted in terms of future careers and hobbies. At Educate Online, I found the perfect platform to turn my dreams into reality. I embarked on a journey to earn a dual diploma, one from my local school in Kenya and another from Crimson Global Academy in the US.

A welcoming learning environment

One of the most significant differences I noticed was the quality of education and the learning environment. In Crimson, I started to interact with teachers who genuinely loved teaching. It was a refreshing change, as I no longer felt like learning was a burden. Instead, I was excited about my studies, and that made all the difference.

Enjoying the learning process

I’ve only been studying at Crimson for a few months, but my experience as an online learner has been incredibly positive. I can genuinely say that I enjoy my studies. This newfound enthusiasm is a testament to the incredible educators and resources at my disposal.

Dreams for the future

As I look ahead, I have big dreams. I aspire to join one of the world’s top universities, like the University of California, Berkeley, or Stanford University. With the support of Educate Online and Crimson, I believe I can turn these dreams into reality. My journey has just begun, and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

Roshan’s story is a testament to the incredible possibilities that online education offers. More than 10,000 students worldwide have discovered their passions, enjoyed the learning process, and aced the university admissions in US and Canada. The world of education is changing, and we’re thrilled to be a part of their transformative journey.

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