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Elina, at just 15, is already pursuing her dreams with passion. Her journey is truly inspiring and a reminder that age is no barrier to chasing your dreams.

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Elina's Journey: From Kaluga to the World of Online Learning
Elina’s Journey: From Kaluga to the World of Online Learning

Elina, 15 Years Old

“The key to successful learning is genuine interest and motivation. Every student should find their motivation, set goals, and work toward them relentlessly.”

Hello, I’m Elina, a young student from the city of Kaluga, Russia, and I want to share my journey of passion, ambition, and the incredible world of online education.

Discovering My Passions and Falling in Love with English

I’ve always been a seeker of knowledge and adventure. For 11 years, I’ve been dancing and singing my heart out, pouring my creativity into writing books. Three years ago, my curiosity led me to dive deep into English. I started actively learning the language and fell in love with it. English became a bridge to a world of possibilities and opportunities, and it opened my eyes to a brighter future.

The Decision to Study Psychology and the Path to American Education

Study Psychology and the Path to American Education
Study Psychology and the Path to American Educat

Around 1.5 years ago, while watching a movie, I stumbled upon a college in the United States. Intrigued by the idea of studying abroad, I embarked on a journey to learn everything about it. I wanted to explore the world, learn from diverse cultures, and broaden my horizons. I realized that English was my ticket to achieving these dreams. I discovered Educate Online, a platform that offered American school programs. With the support of my father, I enrolled in English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, where I honed my language skills from A2-B1 to B1+. My newfound proficiency in English opened doors to various subjects offered by American schools, and I chose psychology.

Balancing Dreams, Daily Life, and a New Learning Environment

My experience with online learning in an American school has been truly transformative. The quality of education and the supportive learning environment were refreshing. I found myself interacting with teachers who were passionate about teaching, making learning enjoyable. Initially, I was trying to grasp everything, but soon, it became incredibly interesting. My daily routine is a well-structured blend of academics, creative pursuits, and physical activities. I’ve created a detailed schedule that allows me to excel in both my studies and my passions. From school and project work to dance training and writing, I manage my time efficiently.

Dreams for the Future, About My Class, and Teacher

Living in the United States
Living in the United States

In ten years, I envision myself achieving my main goal — living in the United States. 

By that time, I would have already graduated from a prestigious university and continue pursuing my dream to become a producer. I really want to move to Los Angeles. With Educate Online and my determination, I’m confident that I can turn these dreams into reality. My journey is just beginning, and I’m excited to see where it leads. 

As of now, I’m part of a diverse group of students, including three girls and one boy. After the first class, we quickly connected through an email and created a Telegram group where we chat and share experiences. My classmates are amazing, and their strong English skills motivate me to excel. Our teacher is both fun and knowledgeable. She explains the material effectively, and I find her classes engaging and easy to understand. Even complex topics become clear in her lessons.

The Secret to Successful Learning

In my opinion, the key to successful learning is genuine interest and motivation. Russian education often lacks this engagement. Every student should find their own motivation, set goals, and work toward them relentlessly. My passion for English was born from having a clear goal in mind, and I believe this applies to all students—set your motivation and strive for success.

Elina’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, ambition, and online education. With determination and the right resources, students like Elina can explore their interests, excel in their studies, and reach for the stars. The world of education is evolving, and we’re proud to be part of Elina’s incredible journey.

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