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Life at Braemar College in Canada and its strategic approach to shape your future with a versatile curriculum and collaborative teachers.

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Amanda’s Story: High School With International Exposure At Braemar College
Amanda’s Story: High School With International Exposure At Braemar College

Amanda, Braemar

“I opted for Braemar College in Canada to pursue my high school for its holistic approach.”

Braemar College in Canada and its strategic approach
Braemar College in Canada and its strategic approach

Hi, my name is Amanda from Brazil, and I chose Braemar to pursue my high school. Despite various options, this college was on my top list because of the diversity of students and culture, along with a versatile study environment. This rich exposure paves the way to top universities in Canada, like the University of Waterloo. My journey is about trusting the process and being open to new experiences. 

Canadian Environment Offers Conducive Atmosphere 

Back in my hometown, the weather was usually cold. Here, I enjoy four seasons. It seems very subtle, but it naturally lifts me and keeps me motivated. 

Another crucial aspect is that studying here among international students has given me early exposure to different cultures and values, helping me work on my soft skills. 

With many different languages, I even learned new words! I always dreamt of such an environment where there is no nervousness in meeting new people from all walks of life. I am just experiencing that for real. 

Why Braemar College for High School?

 Braemar College for High School
Braemar College

So basically, this college provides all that a student can dream of.  One reason is that we get international exposure to people from different countries. I have people from my home country, Canadians, Brazilians, and more. 

Subjects and curriculum are flexible. So, I took three classes so that I could graduate by June. Plus, the teachers are excellent. They are the subject matter experts. So, we get practical knowledge for every subject.

One of the most exciting aspects of this holistic learning is the choice of subjects. I am enrolled in drama classes here. Plus the schools incorporate immersive technology that makes the classes super interactive.

I wanna do my UG from…

After my studies here, I plan my undergrad in Ontario or the USA. But I like it here much more. Braemar gives more than what a student can ask for. Be it the student support, exposure, practical curriculum, and flexibility to pursue one’s passion. 

My dream university is the University of Waterloo. 

This was another reason why I chose this school. Braemar has tie-ups with some of the best universities in Canada. 

Amanda’s Insights For Aspiring Students 

Choosing Braemar is a no-brainer. In case you have decided on your choice, here are my two cents:

  1. Canada will offer you culture and diversity, which will help you develop your soft skills. 
  2. Be clear about your goals. It will help you streamline your studies towards the focused desire. 
  3. Come with an open mind. You will meet different people of various backgrounds. 
  4. I recommend you to be clear about your goals and aspirations. Teachers here are very supportive. They will help you work towards your goals. 

So, what are your study plans?

High school offers the foundation for building a rock-solid base for your dream career. It allows you the room to interact with different people and also shapes your goals. Drama, engineering, technology, or whatnot, Canada offers a unique ecosystem of shared learning and versatile exposure to life. It would tremendously develop your soft skills which are required at every stage of life. It includes how you handle difficult situations, differences, and other life skills. 

Just like Amanda, Braemar is the doorway to many dreams. 

Are you planning to study abroad? Join Braemar today!

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